Saint Melangell was an Irish princess who left her native land over 1,400 years ago and came to Britain and to the Tanat valley, seeking and finding a place to live her life in quiet prayer and devotion to God.

Her legend tells the story of Prince Brychwel Ysgithrog of Powys who in AD 604 was hunting a hare and with his hounds gave chase. They came to a thicket of brambles and thorns wherein he found a beautiful maiden with the hare lying under the hem of her garments while Melangell boldly faced the dogs who retired to a distance howling.

Moved by her piety and her serenity the prince gave land to Melangell as a place of sanctuary for the service of God

Mil engyl a Melangell
Trechant lu fyddin y fall.

Melangell with a thousand angels
Triumphs over all the powers of evil.

KODAK Digital Still Camera
St Melangell and the hare  watercolour  on paper Dec 2015

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