Sunset and the hills

Just can`t stop painting hills and sunsets,  they seem to have a mystery about them and make you wonder what is beyond.

KODAK Digital Still Camera



4 thoughts on “Sunset and the hills

  1. Tried to post this on Twitter but too many characters…Duh

    This is lovely. Maisie desperate for a painting lesson from you since she’s seen your paintings 😀😀. Need to ask you for some recommendations for paints and things for her. Have finished chocolates !!! 🎉🎉xxxx

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    1. Aw bless her, I think the best place would be to get some stuff from `The Works` if there is one near you but I think they sell online too.
      They sell art materials there quite cheap, they are not top range but they are ok, They sell watercolour paper and watercolour paints and lots of books on painting. You`ve just reminded me,, I`ve got to help Dyfrig with his art homework over the hols.. Hope you had a lovely day yesterday x x x


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