A sketch a day

Ok, this really isn’t very good and there is not much detail in it at all but I`m trying to get into the habit of doing a drawing, quick sketch or painting a day,  just to help me loosen up and see where the idea`s take me.

I`ve not been feeling my best this week, still trying to shake off a cold and just when I think its gone, it seems to resurface the next day,  so it may not be my best work certainly for the next few days, but this exercise isn`t meant to produce works of art.

On top of this I have my son home from school for half-term and with him being adha, he wants my constant attention and has more energy than I can ever keep up with, even when I’m not stuffed up with a cold.

So this week, I`ll probably only manage a few lines on a page 🙂

I`ll still be putting up work that I`ve put on Artfinder or Facebook etc, but these sketches are just a little extra challenge I`ve set myself, mostly to help motivate myself.

Anyway, here is the first one for today    x x




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