Day 4 sketch

Nearly forgot this today,  been trying to fix the front door lock all day.

Darn key is stuck in it, luckily there is no way anyone can get in,  it just cant be budged at all or opened.

Me and my son had to ask a neighbour if we could go through their garden to walk along their wall so we could climb into ours.  Luckily when I went to break our window, instead of it breaking the glass, it just loosened the catch so we could open it and climb through.

At least we don`t have to pay for a new window 🙂

Fun half term for my son anyway.  Now I need to nag him to do his homework for next week.

He has to do a doom painting for history but for some reason I can visualise  me having to do it.

Here is todays quick sketch.


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