Sketch day 39

Ok, I`m not religious at all, but I find it interesting and I think the history of religion is interesting.

I was sitting in the garden earlier as its such a beautiful day,  (I`m making the most of it before the rain comes all next week)   and noticed the driftwood cross I made a few years back.

I made several of these after visiting Caldey Island a few years ago where there were several crosses made of driftwood dotted around various places on the island. I just loved the simplicity and the organic look of them.

One of the Monks told me that years ago, Pilgrims would carry these when they were on their travels, as it was easy to get hold of driftwood and I suspect safer than carrying a cross made of gold, that’s if you could afford it.

Its a shame the reformation ever happened as pilgrimages were banned after that and so much history was destroyed.

Anyway, that’s enough of my ranting, I just thought it would be appropriate to put up this drawing up on Good Friday    🙂

Driftwood Cross


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