Sketch day 68

This is just a very cheap Artists doll I got from Ikea years ago,  I never really use it to draw from ( which I should) but of course I just had to draw a face on it when I got it, just couldn’t bare to leave it blank.

While I did a search to see what these things are called, as I couldn’t remember if they were called wooden art doll or artist dolls ,  I came across this doll for manga artists. I`ll post a video below.

They are quite expensive but so well made and moves more like a human than these wooden ones.

Check out this video below  by  I-Wei-Huang  on YouTube if anyone is interested.



Artists doll



5 thoughts on “Sketch day 68

  1. I’ve heard it’s called drawing doll I used to use it during my high school days.
    The video is awesome doll turns from wooden to 3D lately they say.
    Though, IKEA one gives rise to a sense of affinity, nostalgia!

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    1. Yes, I suppose the wooden one is an iconic art doll .. the 3D one is amazing though, not that its something I would get myself, but for someone who likes to draw manga characters or lots of other action characters, its very useful

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  2. 3D one is interesting and as you say it’s useful for cartoonist or figure-maker. It’s still expensive but soon will be reasonable I guess. The wooden one is very classic and in high demand still. I’d like to give a doll pose or making some closes 😉


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