Sketch day 114

If any of you are as old as I am, you may remember the 80s television series, Robin of Sherwood,   by Richard Carpenter.

Anyway, this is a sketch of Michael Praed who played the character Robin Hood in the first series.



Robin of Sherwood
Robin of Sherwood

6 thoughts on “Sketch day 114

    1. Yes, he was great wasn`t he.. I forgotten about this series until a few years ago, and since started watching it again, I think he would make a great Manga cartoon character, kind of has that look about him.
      Of course I loved the sheriff and his brother Hugo too, both great actors.

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      1. Yes he’s great really, as British actor his play is always well-grounded. I remember he once appeared in Dynasty, the US TV show. And Philip Jackson, aka Hugo is great too and he appeared in the PV of a-ha’s Take On Me, video shoot took in London and I saw him…”OMG Hugo is here!” … you can’t imagine how I excited!
        Me too I forgotten this until you showed and mentioned us about it. Nostalgic! Envy you can watch its repeat, we only have its TV game here in Japan. I wish someone remake into Manga really… This program taught me a lot, for the foreigner lived in the UK.

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