6 thoughts on “Sketch 127

      1. He was amazing. Could not believe he’s 70 odd and can still play like that !, he would have loved it I know. ❤️. I’m off to Blakeney this weekend so I hope the weather is decent. I’ll be in touch soon, hope you’re both ok xxxxx


      2. Yes, Neil Young is amazing, he just keeps on going. Hope you have a lovely weekend, Blakeney is beautiful in summer, many a happy time we had there as kids. I can`t believe we used to splash about in the stream at Blakeney straits, its freezing even in the summer. Kids dont seem to notice it though 🙂


  1. I used to as well, on visits. My godparents were originally in Church Square and then lived in Millend so a two minute walk to the brook can’t wait to go back, taking the youngest two girls this time, they’re on a guided tour of the most special places….reckon their legs will know about it by Monday, I’ll try and get some pics and send them to you xxxx

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