Attempting new beginnings.

Ok, I am trying to get a different website set up, this platform is really good and easy to use,  (although it still took me longer than most people to learn how to use it)  its still a bit limiting for my needs.

I really need a site more suitable for selling artwork with a checkout facility and just a bit more professional looking.

I am toying with the idea of transferring this one over to, just hope I`m skilled enough to maintain it.

I`m already familiar with so maybe it would be easier than starting with a whole different platform

Ive looked at other avenues, such as Squarspace and shopify, tried both the free trials of these, and Ive struggled with them a bit, just find it hard to navigate and change things.

I`ve also just got the free trial of ShopWired, which seems a lot easier to navigate for me so far. They are also U.K based not that  it matters I suppose , but they start at 19.99 a month, and no blog options, which perhaps may not matter, but then as an artist, its good to be able to communicate your thoughts to friends and followers.

Anyway, might play around with Shopwired for a bit and see how it goes.

Have anyone else got any advice, and has anyone found fairly easy to learn? Or any other platforms that may be good?

Best wishes to you all,

AnneMarie  x x



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