New painting very soon..

Working on a painting while listening to Coloured Candy by Thom Yorke.

I always find listening to music helps me work, sometimes I work in silence and I kind of used to think that using music while I work was cheating,  I`ve no idea why.

When you are working on your own as an artist, it can be a bit isolating sometimes, and there isn’t anyone else about to bounce ideas off, so if music is an inspiration to you, then why not use it.

For years I used to think it all had to come from me, but now I realise that we all need inspiration to help us, and let it feed you.

I also realise that a lot of the work doesn’t come from me at all anyway, and cutting myself off from some things was cutting myself off from the creative force we can all have access to.

Anyway, nearly finished the painting,  and I`ll post it soon.  I think this one is going to be about bees.   x

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