Remembering Zac

Time is a great healer but you will always miss them, but then that’s how its supposed to be and they wouldn’t have meant anything if you didn’t.

I cant believe its 15 years since my brother left this earth, and I still find it difficult to do an actual painting of him rather than just his light, but then I know once our form has dissolved the spirit goes on.

This was a photo of Zac and his girlfriend Trine, which I then changed around on photoshop.

I did this to represent his absence, thinking of it afterwards though, I realise it represents his spirit.

Most of my art ideas are not mine, they often come to me from a higher place.

Zac Foley by AnneMarie Foley
photograph on canvas

2 thoughts on “Remembering Zac

  1. He’ll always be missed by people that knew him and like Virginie says also those that didn’t, he obviously touched many. I feel blessed to have known him, he was very much a beautiful soul and a definite “one off”, rest peacefully Zac, much love xxx

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