Planning for times ahead,

In case none of us are dead

When is enough, enough

Is there a future there


Are things worth planning for

Will quality of life be worth living for

Then life goes on everywhere

Just possibly without the human form


We’ve done it to ourselves,

The greed the want the wars

Ownership and conquering

And not realise that’s the cause

Of our suffering and destruction


Finding beauty where we can

The stars above us shine bright

And without us it will still carry on


A child will look at the clouds

And see beauty in the clouds they see

What happens to that child

To not want to have sympathy


To think that compassion is weak

And to think some lives less worthy than power

Power that can destroy the heart

Power over people!

Power over love etc.. etc… etc..

Fill in the blank…….

The greed, poem by AnneMarie Foley
The greed



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