Francis the gold digger

Ok, I have a cartoon character, ( based from a person , or thing, I used to know)  in mind that I`m going to make. Also and there is nothing wrong in seeking a partner with more resources than yourself of course, if you can admit it.  But, this is based on a misogynist woman that I knew, who married a diamond merchant in S Africa. divorced him,..  then married a man in a hairdressers franchisee crap in Wales, and criticised Nigella Lawson for being a gold digger,       I  mean she just hatted her,  At least Nigella made her own way in her cookery , what have you done Francis tart?  ( apart from hitting  my child and form a dodgy letting company , as well as being a Fucking gold digger yourself, If I see you again,  I will mess you up….


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