Cut grass in October

Cut grass in October



The cut grass in October, though the sweet smell still reminds me of the beginning of summer.

Fresh and free, like the feeling of being a child again and running to play on the grass

Memory of long days ahead, thoughts of long summer holidays and playing in the Forest where I grew up

The leaves around me bring me back to the present, The beautiful autumn colours and the various shades of different trees.

The oak leaves I pick up, a golden brown, crinkly in my hand but still pliable enough not to break,

I sit beneath an oak tree and acorns fall on my head

This small park I sit in, so many different kinds of trees in one place.

Not like the Forest where it was vast, many more trees, paths that went on and on it seemed.

The smell of the leaves bring me back to memories of autumns long ago and gathering chestnuts under the trees



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