The Forest of Dean

The green leaves in August

In the forest deep rich green

Hardwoods oak and beech

And Blakeney straits stream

The forest in the height of summer

Enjoying long warm days

It doesn’t even matter if we get odd days of rain

The rain brings out the scent of oak leaves

And the warm damp ground

Earth rich smells a plenty

When the sun again shines down

Rays of light beam through the trees

Scattered flecks of light through the leaves

Oh to be in the Forest of Dean in summer

Walking through the trees

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Recently started using Folksy and have three paintings there at the moment.

Sorry I only ship to the U.K as after Brexit, I`m not sure about the costs of sending outside the U.K.


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For me, the best church is the natural world and is a place where I can feel there is something divine. acrylic on canvas, 23cm x 30 cm by AnneMarie Foley
acrylic on canvas, 23cm x 30 cm

When will you honour this time??

Beautiful wise words by Ursa ❤

The World Is Just Awesome

In the waiting hours for our better times, we are losing our precious gift, the time. We always keep eyes on that remote goal and desire, and in search of those happy times, we actually miss honouring our present time. Have you realised how much you are eager to honour your distant dream and how much you are trying to make way for that dream? Do you have any idea how hard you have been trying to reach there and honour your strength and dedication? But to honour your this prevailing era which would take least efforts, you sideline it merely for that distant one the idea of which is yet faint and the promise of which is never made. When are you going to pay attention and be fully present here? This “current whatever” belongs to you and none is gonna take it and you are absolutely sure of…

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