Gloucester Cathedral – Poem

Gloucester Cathedral


I’m not religious at all but I like to walk through Gloucester cathedral

The essence of lives, who has been here before

The old worn stone, the names on the walls,

Shadows through time, from those who came and went

Vibrations of history and days spent

Bright vivid pictures telling stories of old

Having no need to read words for the illiterate to behold

From 670s built on each time, until a large tower reaches high in the sky

Words on the floors, who lays here

Patebit tun quod latuit

What is hidden will be revealed

Gloucester cathedral what tails can be told

Its walls holding memories of stories of old.


Ben is 19 and has known since he was about 4.

Tried to hide it from his family and close friends who he grew up with, but he cannot deny who he is anymore. Some will understand, some wont, but doesn’t matter.

Now that he cannot deny himself anymore, he is Free and has never felt more Alive!



Ben 19 Coming out

‘Negative Space’ Starring and written by Steven Berkoff

This is a great spoken word about art by Steven Berkoff.

Check the link under the video on YouTube, as it might interest a lot of you artist`s and gamer`s out there.

I might see if I can contribute to the game as an artist, I`m not sure how the game works yet but trying to download it.  My computer is pretty small so its struggling a bit. Perhaps I can persuade my son to use his desktop as its much bigger than mine, that’s if I can get him off there that is, not much hope during this lockdown 🙂


Garden and rainbow

Beautiful warm day in the garden, too hot for me come midday so went out there after 3pm where there was a bit of shade. Did a few garden jobs and can see the buds have come out a lot more. The yellow flowers on the pond are about to come out in full bloom, I can`t remember what these yellow flowers are called now, marsh marigold? the name completely escapes me, anyway they are beautiful when they are in full bloom.

Also painted a rainbow to put in the window.  After I took this photo I also added frontline workers , such as postworkers, food shop workers, fire dept etc.

pond flowers, photo
Pond flowers
Rainbow for NHS
Rainbow for NHS

Garden sketching

I`ve been sketching in the garden and enjoying this recent sun we are having in the U.K.

Also, taking photos of the garden developing each day  Here are the dandelions starting to bloom and they are usually in abundance in April.

I never mow the lawn until at least the end of May as the bees really need the pollen from the dandelions this time of year.

Dandelion photo by A. Foley

Green Man

As the leaves are now budding and trees are starting to decorating their branches, I thought I would post a painting of the Green Man which is a present for a friend.  My friends birthday is towards the end of June so hopefully I`ll be able to give this to him in person.

Who knows how long this lockdown will last but hopefully not too long if everyone does all they can to stop the spread of this virus that is.

The Green Man, painting by AnneMarie Foley
The Green Man



Planning for times ahead,

In case none of us are dead

When is enough, enough

Is there a future there


Are things worth planning for

Will quality of life be worth living for

Then life goes on everywhere

Just possibly without the human form


We’ve done it to ourselves,

The greed the want the wars

Ownership and conquering

And not realise that’s the cause

Of our suffering and destruction


Finding beauty where we can

The stars above us shine bright

And without us it will still carry on


A child will look at the clouds

And see beauty in the clouds they see

What happens to that child

To not want to have sympathy


To think that compassion is weak

And to think some lives less worthy than power

Power that can destroy the heart

Power over people!

Power over love etc.. etc… etc..

Fill in the blank…….

The greed, poem by AnneMarie Foley
The greed