Recent poem of mine

Life in the body of humans

Humans are a mess

Think someone or

Something,. …will save them

But they can’t

They meet some one who

Think they are the one for them,

But they arn`t

Ah,…. that beautiful comfortable

Fuck up mess

Seems` so familiar,

(we know where we are with that)

Then we leave this earth and then where do we go?

That s the question my brother asked 33 years ago,

I wonder where we go?

He left nearly 16 years ago,…

I know he`s fine




by AnneMarie Foley 25th June 2018

Arwen completed

I think I could say Arwen is finished now, I keep touching this up here and there but I dont want to overdo it.

Painting with this walnut oil is a great alternative to using turps,  the painting is almost dry already.  I m defiantly going to continue using it for oil painting.

Ive heard painting with lavender oil is a good method too, so I might try that  sometime as well. Ill let you know how I get on with it if I do decide to try it.

Anyway, here is the finished painting.

'Arwen' oil on canvas 40cm x 30cm painting by AnneMarie Foley
‘Arwen’ oil on canvas 40cm x 30cm

Craft or Art?

Hi everyone.

Ok, I know this is more of a craft rather than an art, but this pendent seems so easy to make and looks quite intricate.

I`m sharing this so I have it for my own reference really as I have bits of old wire saved and bits of glass washed up from the beach and old beads from broken jewelry.

I’m sure many people have items they could use too, so I’m also sharing this in case anyone is interested.