Well, this isn`t a new poem, Its one I put up on youtube nearly 6 years ago.

A lot of the poems on my channel look painfully awful, I think I may have to go through them and delete a few, but this one doesn`t seem too bad, especially as I don’t consider myself as a gifted poet, I am just someone who has an interest, and I enjoy trying to be one.

This one is about Caldey Island, just off the coast of Tenby,  home to a monastery of Cistercian monks and a few Islanders.

Very peaceful place, and even if you are not religious or a non believer it is still a pretty awe inspiring place to visit.  Its very strange to be there and to not hear any traffic or  any of the noises that modern life has, it really is like being back in time, I guess that’s what 200 years ago sounded like, though instead of traffic, you would hear horses hooves, which is a lot more pleasant if you ask me.