Death in the artic

DEath in the artic, acrylic painting by AnneMarie Foely
Death in the artic 8″ x 8″ acrylic on canvas

Careful of thin ice , Abstract painting

Hi everyone,

Been experimenting with some abstract lately, but they still seem to take on a landscape feel.

I`ve always loved painters like Turner, ( who I think was well before his time)  I love it when you can look into the horizon and cant quite grasp what it is.

Of course in reality you wait until it or you get closer, but its that presence before that could unwind any kind of story your imagination allows.

Anyway, here is my latest creation.

Careful of thin ice , acrylic on canvas painting by AnneMarie Foley
Careful of thin ice , acrylic on canvas 20″ x 16″


New painting, `Red stained ground makes the snow pink

Part of the climate change series I have been doing lately.
Even though these paintings may have beautiful colours in them, there is a darker subject underneath.

I don’t look at this as depressing though as the more we bring attention to it, the more light and positive action can go into it.

Red stained ground makes pink snow
Red stained ground makes pink snow 30cm x 23cm

Sketch day 200 Last one, for time being

I think the sketch a day has run its course now,  I will post blogs as often as I can at least once a week, possibly more.

I will continue to sketch in my sketchy book for ideas but not always post them,  I may post the odd one with a blog though.

Thanks for all the likes , even on the days when the sketches were rubbish, you still supported me.

I feel very blessed to have you`re support x x


Sketch 200 pine trees red sky
Sketch 200 pine trees red sky